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How to use a non-alphabetic language character in a password

When creating a ZIP archive with Bandizip, if you set a password containing any non-alphabetic language character (such as Chinese characters), an error message is displayed as below.

If an archive in ZIP format has a password containing any non-alphabetic language character, the archive is unable to be decompressed on the system which is based on a different language than the language contained in the password. The error message is Bandizip’s proactive measure to prevent the problem.

To set a non-alphametic language password for an archive, you may use 7Z format which supports a Unicode password; select 7Z on “New archive” dialog box and enter the password you want.

NOTE: The following types of characters are available for ZIP archive’s password.

  • Digit (0123...9)
  • Lowercase alphabet (abcd...z)
  • Uppercase alphabet (ABCD...Z)
  • Special character (!@#$...)
  • Space