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Maximum recording length

The free version of Honeycam can’t record a video for more than 10 seconds, and the paid version has no such limitation in the recording length. Because Honeycam temporarily stores the recorded video in memory during the recording process, however, the maximum recording length may be limited depending on your PC’s memory.

For example, when you record a video with a resolution of 640×480, 4 bytes of memory is used per pixel and 1.17 MB is used per frame. (640×480×4 = 1228800 bytes = 1.17 MB) Therefore, when you record the video at 30 FPS, 35.15 MB of memory is required per second.

And when you record 320×240 video at 15 FPS, 4.39 MB is required per second. (320×240×4×15 = 4.39 MB)

The sample below was recorded with a resolution of 800×600 for 1 minute; 1476 frames were captured and the memory usage was 2.63 GB. (The size of the result GIF file is 32 MB.)

In conclusion, a standard PC for general use (with 64-bit CPU and 8GB of memory) may record a high-quality video for 1~2 minutes, or a low-quality video for 5~10 minutes.