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How to Add Draw and Text to an Animation GIF

Honeycam provides features that you can insert draw and text on Animation GIF. Let's make Animated GIF fun easily.

Copyright(C) Marble Entertainment

Add draw and text on all frames

After recording Youtube screen or importing an existing Animation GIF/WebP file, click Draw button on the toolbar to switch to the drawing screen.

In the drawing screen, you can insert text or draw as shown below.

Result Animation file

Copyright(C) Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Add draw and text on selected frames

If necessary, you can also Add draw and text in the specified frames, not full frames. Select the desired frames in the frame list as shown below, and then select the "Draw on selected frames" menu.

At the bottom of the drawing screen, specified frames are marked as follows.

Result Animation file


To undo an action press Ctrl+Z.