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BandiView License Policy

The license policy of BandiView allows you to use the software product as follows:

BandiView Trial Edition

  • The trial edition is free to use with no purchase payment or membership required.
  • As a home user, you should use the trial edition with nonprofit purposes only.
  • As a business user, you should use the trial edition with evaluation purposes for a limited period only.
  • The trial edition shows advertisements and restricts some of its functions.

BandiView Professional Edition (BandiView PRO)

  • BandiView PRO is a commercial product and you should pay for a license to use it.
  • You may use the latest version of BandiView PRO permanently once you buy the license.
  • One license allows you to use BandiView PRO on one computer only. If you want to use the product on two computers, you should buy two licenses as well.
  • If you use BandiView PRO on two computers or more with one license, the registration on your first computer will be automatically deleted.

Get your license again

If you have lost the license emailed to you, go to Buy BandiView page and submit your email address to "Get your license again" at the bottom of the webpage. Your license will be emailed to the address again.

For more about the license policy of BandiView, please contact us at