License & Registration

  1. Infomativa sulla licenza di Honeycam
  2. How to register Honeycam
  3. Get your product key again
  4. Honeycam Edition Comparison

Features & Technical Terms

  1. GIF, WebP, and WebM formats
  2. Quantization
  3. FPS (Frames Per Second)
  4. How to reduce file size
  5. Transition
  6. Use Dither
  7. Maximum recording length
  8. Use Disk Swap
  9. Use DXGI

Help about Editing

  1. How to insert/edit/animate texts
  2. How to insert/edit/animate chatbubbles
  3. How to insert/edit/animate stickers
  4. How to use the photo frame effects
  5. How to draw on animated images/videos

Honeycam Tips

  1. Save as the working(current) file name after editing


  1. Online Authentication Failed
  2. Entry Point Not Found
  3. How to update Honeycam
  4. How to run Honeycam as Admin